Special thanks to StyleSeek for the feature article on our Pop Overs … Just in time as ALL sizes and colours are now back in stock!

To quote the snack slogan we all know and love: “once you pop, you can’t stop”. We’re not referring to Pringles, though—which, yes, are still delicious and addictive—but, instead, the popover shirt. 

The history of the popover dates back to the 1960s with the brand GANT, which took its standard button-down shirt and ended the placket half-way down so the wearer had to “pop” the shirt over their head. This hybrid shirt is a versatile piece that rides the line between formal and casual, and is a great option for anyone in search for a shirt that’s classic, clean and easy to style. 

And that’s what Sydney-based brand Owen & James understands. Dismayed by the absence of high-quality menswear in Australia … Owen & James set out to fill that void. In 2011, they opened up shop in Sydney and started sourcing and making great-fitting, timeless clothing for men. They based their popover shirt design on a late 1960s photograph of Italian mogul and style icon Gianni Agnelli wearing a wrinkled tucked-in popover. Owen & James’ version is made in the USA in a range of fabrics, and the gentlemen were nice enough to send us two to try out, a chambray and a pale blue oxford style. 

We really like their relaxed yet dressy look and subtle details: a trim fit, slightly longer length, cutaway collar, and neat, chest-pocketless front. Added up, it has a much classier feel, like the man who inspired it, than other popovers with button-down collars and other preppy, sporty features. 

We tried the popover tucked and untucked, on its own and with a sport coat, and it looked good every way. We even threw a football around in it—the comfortable fit made that no problem. A bonus on the shirt is that it comes with removable collar stays, a detail many brands skip, but which is especially important with collars like this so that they keep their shape and angle. It just shows how serious these guys are about their product and their attention to detail. 

Check out the shirts over at Owen & James, where you can take a look at their entire collection including a full range of shirts, ties, pocket squares and boutonnieres”